As one effort to accomplish the aims of education, we should be able to take up position at the first line during the quality development of art higher education. Therefore, to participate during the improvement of art and culture excellences, it is necessary for us to develop activity program oriented on arts creation and studies, which internationally recognized. In order to establish the effort, we posse visions and missions as bellow in turns.


Our vision is to become the excellent center of creation, research, provider and arts preservation based on national insight in order to enrich humanism values in accord with the development of age. By the year 2020 our vision is to become the art and cultural center of excellence based on local wisdom with universal conception.




  • Carrying out quality higher education in order to explore and develop plurality and multicultural aspects of national local culture to raise competitiveness within global era.
  • Producing moralist, creative, unbeatable, excellent and independent graduations.
  • Increasing researches and community services to support education and development of art, science, and technology.
  • Developing a sustainable inter-institutional cooperation.
  • Strengthening institute organization to achieve optimal result for anticipating the development of the environment.



To flourish those vision and missions, we are increasing our roles, especially in developing Balinese art and culture and also for archipelago, South East and World’s art and culture in general. Our programs are conducted within global perspective to explore the richness of Balinese arts and cultures. Those programs are expected to produce creative and innovative artworks based on knowledge and technology with high values of culture and local genius. Therefore, we will be able to participate actively, in improving the higher education quality to create tolerant communities of arts within diversity, peaceful and humanities value.