We are running academic or vocational programs of studies in a group of disciplines of arts science. At the moment we organize both undergraduates and graduate program. The objective of these programs of studies are to produce academic and professional manpower in the field of performing arts, fine arts and design, who  can independently cope with problems on arts in detail and  in general.


The graduates of these programs of studies have the ability to: (1) comprehend the scientific basis and artistic knowledge to support their skill; (2) gain knowledge and skill, and also basic values of art to reach professionalism in their study; (3) apply scientific basis in the field of art and express themselves in work of arts and paper; (4) carry out research on the field of arts.


The education is carried out through all programs of studies based on the curriculum of which is partly or totally organized flexibly and evaluated periodically. It is discharged owing to the knowledge, technology, and art are changing dynamically. It also refers to the demand and need of the society. The student’s activities and their improvement are evaluated periodically in the form of examination, assignment, and also observation by the lecturers. The examination is organized and classified into semester tests, comprehensive test, and thesis examination.


We employ 217 professionals and qualified lecturers. They graduated from some local and international universities. Locally i.e. STSI Denpasar, Udayana University, UGM, ITB, ISI Yogyakarta, ISI Surakarta and other Universities in Indonesia. There are 48 of them with undergraduate qualifications, 157 with master qualifications, and 12 with doctorate qualification. In order to improve the quality of education, there are 64 lecturers are still undertaking their study on master and Doctorate qualification in Indonesia and overseas.


The campus still invites some specialists in arts science (artists and cultural observers) to teach the students. Every year 20 specialists are invites in all programs of studies both in the Performing Arts and Fine Arts and Design Faculties. On the other hand, 134 administrative staffs are in charged to support teaching, research, and social services technically and administratively.



It is a great time to pursue your passion for performance, design, fashion, or photography. In Bali, the creative and cultural industries represent the second largest sector of the economy. They also account for nearly eight per cent of total employment. Worldwide, they are a major engine of economic and social growth and innovation, and they need your remarkable talent.

Learning with us opens doors to an astonishingly wide choice of careers. Our entrepreneurial graduates can be found in every part and at every level of the creative and cultural sectors, from heads of government office to self-employed practitioners. The education and student experience we provided will help you seize the opportunities available whichever place you choose to live and work in after graduatin

Our programs of studies will challenge you, stimulate original thinking and rigorously develop your talent. They will also support and prepare you for the world beyond study. Right from the start, we seek to develop your career-relevant skills, knowledge and experience. This ranges from advice on protecting your intellectual property and funding your start-up business, to paid internship with key industry players.

Coming to the institute is also about so much more than the career path you decide to follow after you graduated. We are one of the world’s largest creative communities, with thousands of students, lecturers, technicians, and more than 6000 alumni. By joining us in Bali you will have unrivalled opportunities to stretch your horizons, be inspired by new ideas and collaborate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds all in a globally renowned cultural city.

Find the right course for you and to learn how we can support you during your time here. You can also hear what our students, graduates, teaching and technical staff have to say and see some of dynamic work produced here. We look forward to welcoming you to Bali to start your own success story.


We offer you the most vibrant and dinamic learning environment ever..!!!