Leadership Successions

Since 1967 when ISI was ASTI Denpasar, it has been experienced several periods of leadership successions till for period of 2017. However, through such experiences ISI is now a lot stronger and flourished as the world of education is as well changing rapidly. In the future ISI is believed to be able to play significant roles on the developments of science, technology, and art matters. The cycle of those leadership successions can be depicted in the following table;



No Name Position Period
1. I Wayan Mertha Sutedja, BA. Director of ASTI Denpasar 1967 – 1978
2. Dr. I Made Bandem., MA. Director of ASTI Denpasar 1978 – 1986
3. Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, MA. Chairman of STSI Denpasar 1986 – 1997
4. Prof. Dr. I Wayan Dibia, SST., MA. Chairman of STSI Denpasar 1997 – 2002
5. Dr. I Wayan Rai S., MA. Chairman of STSI Denpasar 2002 – 2004
6. Drs. Anak Agung Rai Kalam Chairman PSSRD Udayana 1983 – 1991
7. Drs. I Made Subrata.,M.Si. Chairman PSSRD Udayana 1991 – 1999
8. Drs. Nyoman Sukaya. Chairman PSSRD Udayana 1999 – 2004
9. Prof. Dr. I Wayan Rai S., MA. Rector of ISI Denpasar 2004 – 2008
10. Prof. Dr. I Wayan Rai S., MA Rector of ISI Denpasar 2009 – 2013
11. Dr. I Gede Arya Sugiartha, S.Skar., Hum Rector of ISI Denpasar 2013 – 2017


We have been experiencing a fairly long period of leadership successions; we all aspire to put ISI in the forefront line of educational development.