Our experiences will lead you to pursue your future goal….!!!


We commit in organizing and managing educational programs of art and culture.  Our Institute is more than a learning environment, a home, a workplace, an art and cultural experience. Over this time, we have established an excellent reputation for providing highly qualified and experienced educational and professional leaders drawn from government, community and industry to support our programs.

Whether you are aspiring to be a dancer, musician, photographer or designer, you will get a first-class education with us and earn one of the most highly regarded degrees in Indonesia. Education engages with international partners focuses on building local in-country capacity and achieving sustainable improvements in education.

As an ISI student, you will have access to the highest standard of teachers and researchers and will also benefit from our creative, progressive approach to learning and research.

Indeed, it is a great opportunity to extend professional and educational knowledge and increase your career potential, as well as your professional and personal growth. This will provide an excellent opportunity for networking with our professionals, who demonstrate world’s best practice.



We can assure you that your education will be well organized and successful. You will notice as you explore all the opportunities available to you at ISI that we have made widespread changes to our overseas and student experience. The world is changing rapidly and so are leading universities.

Structures that worked well for many years may not be as appropriate in the future. Therefore, a strategic framework in order to achieve the ultimate art and cultural center of excellence on the institutional development scheme has committed. The development scheme in the five years ahead would be stressed on educational qualities, researches, and social services.

The momentum of professional education has created a world where you must be equipped for further learning in order to succeed. Our campus is renowned for its vibrant social, cultural and art and cultural life as well as its beauty.

By choosing us as your study destination, you work towards a qualification with international recognition. Due to the unique ISI experience, our graduates do not leave ISI with a degree only. You will attain a wide circle of lifelong friends and a sense of achievement that will empower you for the rest of your life.



You work towards a qualification with international recognition…!!!