The education in arts science is expected to produce academic and professional individuals in the field of dance, music, puppetry, fine art and design that are capable of dealing with the general art problems independently and in detail. Therefore, the graduates of these programs of studies are able to:

  • Comprehend the scientific basis and artistic knowledge to support their skill.
  • Gain knowledge and skill, and also basic values of art to reach professionalism in their study.
  • Apply scientific basis in the field of art and express themselves in work of arts and paper.
  • Carry out research on the field of arts.
  • Creating and presenting diverse ideas into various forms of art and presented according to ethical, moral, and academic stages.
  • >Reviewing and analyzing diverse phenomena of art and culture.
  • Presents all sort of art works creatively, innovatively, and
  • Develop entrepreneurship in managing arts and cultural activities.

Through the specified educational objectives, we have established strong commitment which addresses all aspects of the institute interests wherein the student’s development become our first and foremost concern. We need to do more beneficial and extensive actions in the future in order to achieve our educational objectives. However, supports and active roles from all parties are absolutely required and welcomed.