Courses in Faculty of Performing Arts

The faculty of performing art will lead you to have an overview to our undergraduate level programs of studies. We look forward for your participation to join our internationally respected team of artists, writers, performance organizers, beauticians, choreographers, and art managers. We will surely provide you with experiences and equip you with the skills and confidence to enter the international stage as professional artist.

You are now in the right treck to join us and to choose ISI Denpasar as your study destination. You are entering a vibrant learning environment with a supportive, creative and inspiring performing arts experiences that will allow you to explore your own practice and develop your career of whatever you aspire. We proudly offer you something meaningful and auspicious where you will find much to excite your interest. Our performing art faculty has been engaged with peoples from all over the world including arts and cultural personalities, professionals, and observers.

Our faculty is the largest specialist performing arts recognized as a leader for teaching and research in dance, gamelan, puppetry, music, and drama. You will become part of international, creative, and cultural community as a student of this faculty. The faculty has established connections with art and cultural industries and similar partner organizations to make sure that our students will find employment shorly after their study completion.

The faculty allows you to know its personality and ethos and we want you to make a well-informed choice about whether you are in the right path. So, if you would like to know more, there are further programs of studies detail to be offered, as well as performing art programs and interviews with our current students, staff and alumni. We would also encourage you to take the opportunity to visit us in person; we can show you around, introduce you to our staff and students and talk to you in greater detail about all we have to offer. We hope that you enjoy this information, and that will surely be opening you interest, it is just the first step on your life-changing, and rewarding journey with the Faculty of Performing Arts.

The following parts will lead you to look in detail to our courses in our bachelor programs.