1. Program at Glance

We proudly offer the international or overseas students broad opportunities to explore all sorts of exchange programs. The Institute is privileged to intake the incoming students on the platform of exchange program from numerous partner universities in the world.

The ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Program was initially established as M-I-T (Malaysia-Indonesia-Thailand) Program by the three countries ministries of education collaborated with SEAMEO RIHED in 2009. The M-I-T was a pilot project of mobility program for students in order to develop education and to foster connectivity regionally among nations in Southeast Asia. In addition, it was established for creating a vibrant student mobility program for citizens of all SEAMEO member countries.

Following the success of the pilot project, it is now being turned into fully admitted as ASEAN Program. Other Southeast Asian countries plus a country in East Asia such as Japan are now invited to join the efforts of the three existing countries, and collectively develop a regional Southeast Asian student mobility program. This section provides a background to the student mobility pilot project, including key partners, objectives and key events.

ASEAN international Mobility for Students (AIMS) Program has been a central point of SEAMEO RIHED’s educational programs denoted in our development plan to cultivate globalized human resources. SEAMEO RIHED envisions that student mobility has always been one of the key strategic elements of cooperation leading to the development of a harmonized higher education environment among countries in Southeast Asia.

the year 2015, this program has been ambitiously agreed as a short-term goal among AIMS member countries that at least 500 students will be mobilized across the region, with expanding disciplines as well as membership.

2. Vision of the Program

  • To provide a high-quality and multi-cultured workforce for the ASEAN Plus community and the future ASEAN plus Higher Education Area.
  • To make cross-bordered education a reality for students in the pilot countries without time consuming, costly, and complicated procedures.
  • To use mobility as a driver for students to further carees prospects and competences as well as to raise internationally-oriented approaches and foster innovation in selected discipline areas.


3. Mission of the Program

  • To provide the opportunities for students in ASEAN Plus region to move around freely in the pilot countries and study between 4-6 months (1 semester).
  • To develop an infrastructure policy/mobility mechanisms or agreement in the pilot countries to accommodate the mobility program.
  • To encourage HEIs in the selected areas of expertise to take part actively in the pilot mobility program.


4. Objectives of the Program

a. General

  • To internationalize Higher Education System of the participating countries.
  • To support the development of ASEAN Community by 2015 through credit transfer program.
  • To set up a mobility program in the selected discipline areas in participating countries.
  • To provide stronger socio-cultural links and understanding among the participating countries.


b. Specific

>> For Higher Education institutions;

  • To recognize the learning system of higher education institutions in the form of credit transfer system.
  • To establish network among the higher education institutions.
  • To develop international academic atmosphere based on the cultural exchange experienced from the students who join the program.
  • To generate new thoughts derived from inbound and outbound students.


>> For Students;

  • To obtain international experiences.
  • To increase hard and soft skills.
  • To provide better understanding of socio-cultural differences.



5. Design of the Program

The design of the program is based on reciprocal principle. This principle applies for both number of students and fees waiver. The credit obtained by the students shall be transferable. AIMS Program is under the coordination of SEAMEO RIHED at ASEAN level and Higher Education authority in the participating countries at country level.

6. Transfer of Credit

The credits earned by students during AIMS program at host university shall be transferable to home university. Course taken in host university can be transferred into equivalent course in home university if there is minimum 75 % learning outcome equivalency and the credit is equal or bigger than the course’s credit in home university. If the condition above cannot be fulfilled, then courses cannot be matched, but can be transferred as elective course.

7. Disciplines of the Program

There are seven disciplines in the AIMS Program suc as;

    • Agriculture
    • Language and Culutre.
    • International Business.
    • Hospitality and Tourism.
    • Food Science and Technology.
    • Economics
    • Engineering

(however the ISI Denpasar is in the area of Language and Culture).

8. Benefits

By participating this program you would be able to explore memorable experiences which would be last in your life time. In addition, you would be able to cultivate your personal potential, knowledge, and insight besides fostering mutual understanding and respect to other countries’ culture. The breakdowns of the benefits of this program are bellow in turns, as you would be able to;

  • improve ability to live in an international environment.
  • develop personal and socio-cultural links with students from other countries.
  • generate a strong sense of ASEAN citizenship, as part of the readiness toward ASEAN Community in 2015.
  • create a strong connectivity and to develop on-going student networks as a great asset in the future.