1. Learning Rules of Conduct.

       To achieve a smooth learning process, the student is expected to;

  • Be on time.
  • Be always sitting in class during the lecturing time.
  • Be attaining 75 % of the total face to face process.
  • Be always proposing suggestion or sharing information through the facilitation of the student coordinator.
  • Be always adhering for not to use a cell phone during the lecturing process.
  • Be always in a non smoking condition.


2. Dressing Codes

  • Student is always dressing in proper clothes politely and neatly either inside or outside of the class room, and even during in the campus area.
  • Dress in white (long suit) during middle and final tests/exams.
  • Dress in white (long suit), tie, and dark pant/skirt.

3. Security and Cleanliness

  • If any suspicious or dangerous matters are found by student are should be directly reported to the campus security staffs.
  • Student fully responsible to his/her own belongings and those supposedly under concern of student his/herself in order to avoid unexpectable matters.
  • Student is necessarily parking his/her bike cycle, motor bike, and even car in the place where those should be (parking area) and not to leave any valuable things on them.
  • If there is something being lost in campus area, student should report it quickly to the campus security staffs.
  • Not to smoke around campus area including certain places with a non smoking sign.
  • To keep the facilities of computer and library properly.