Graduate Program

Om Swastiastu,

We have created a strategic framework in order to achieve the ultimate art and cultural center of excellences on the institutional development scheme, as it has obviously been mandated through the vision of the Ministry of Education and Culture for producing bright and competitive Indonesian human resources.

We have a strong conviction that we would be able to produce capable graduates based on our vision, mission, and development program, which will play significant roles on their qualified and valuable researches, creative and adaptive art works, beneficial social services, and art and cultural information service center.

This 2015 graduate course guide is specially designed and addressed for overseas students, in order to supply them with a high accessibility in acquiring information about us including our vision, mission, and learning process.

Several achievements have been accomplished, however, many goals remain to be developed. At the moment ISI is conducting graduate education on master level. Namely, The Master Program of Arts Creation and Arts Research, but, it is not yet a running doctoral program of study. It will be prepared and developed as soon as possible to enrich its  learning environment.

This program is conducted with high and full mutual understanding, respect, and support in order to enlarge the knowledge of the art sciences.

Moreover, we need to emphasize that our strategic development scheme in five years ahead would be rendered on educational qualities, researches, and social services. Those services would be reflected on managerial and qualified processes of education which would be administered professionally in order to produce enormously intellectual and professional graduates with high integrity and competitiveness.

We believe that we would be able to achieve sustainable development and remain an international center of excellence.

We are eager to hear your success story, we are proud of your achievements for whatever you are aspire to be. Let’s accomplish it.

Om Santih, santih, santih Om