Course Codes

To facilitate the implementation of education, courses are numbered by the code numbering for simplification of identification. Code numbering is necessary in order to facilitate the students, lecturers, staffs, and interested parties to know the position of the courses in the semester. Course code XXX 999, XXX is the letter code that gives the identity of institute/ faculty / program of study and 999 is the identity of the course position in the semester.

Institute, Faculties’ Course Codes;

  • ISI        = ISI Denpasar
  • FSP       = Faculty of Performing Arts
  • FSRD    = Faculty of Fine Arts and Design


> Faculty of Performing Arts’ Course Codes;

  • STR      = Dance Program of Study
  • SKW     = Karawitan/Gamelan (Balinese traditional music) Program of Study
  • SPD      = Puppetry Program of Study
  • DTM    = Music, Dance, Drama Program of Study
  • SMK     = Music Program of Study



> Faculty of Fine Arts and Design’s Course Codes;

  • SRM     = Fine Arts Program of Study
  • DIR      = Interior Design Program of Study
  • DKV     = Visual Communication Design Program of Study
  • DFS      = Fashion Design Program of Study
  • KRY      = Art Craft Program of Study
  • FTV      = TV & Film Program of Study           
  • FTG      = Photography Program of Study



Number of courses are specified by each faculty.

Course Settlements

Our courses are residing places right across programs of studies in both of our faculties. We manage and administer undergraduate/bachelor programs of studies under supervision and management of those two faculties. Faculty of Performing Arts manages five (5) undergraduate programs of studies such as dance, karawitan/gamelan (traditional music), puppetry, music dance drama, and music. While, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design manages seven (7) undergraduate programs of studies i.e. fine arts, visual communication design, interior design, art craft, photography, TV & Film (bachelor diploma), and fashion design (bachelor diploma).