Our Master Program of Study is an extention or further level of our bachelor programs of studies. it will guide you to look more of what we have currently, and it propvides spaces and accomodates students from all field of Bachelor art studies.

At the moment we organize a single program such as master program of art creation and research. However, we commit to enlarge and develop our program in the future wich is based on the demand and development of the people and market needs. We look forward for your involvement to flavour our internationally dinamic and vibrant learning environment. We will surely be able to provide and equip you with extensive experiences, skills, expertise, and confidence to enter the international work places.

We would be happy and delightfull to welcome you in entering a vibrant learning environment with a supportive, creative and inspiring experiences that will allow you to explore your own practice and develop your career of whatever you aspire. We proudly offer you something meaningful and auspicious where you will find much to excite your interest. Since it was established, our master program of studies has been engaged with peoples from all over the world including arts and cultural personalities, professionals, and observers.

Our graduate program is the largest arts specialist recognized as a leader for both performing arts and fine art and design. You will become part of international, creative, and cultural community as a student of this master program. The program has set connections with art and cultural industries and similar partner organizations to make sure that our students will find employment shorly after their study completion. The Program allows you to know its practical learning and education likewise we want you to realize that you are in the right way for you future career.

We would also encourage you to take the opportunity to visit us in person; we can show you around, introduce you to our staff and students and talk to you in greater detail about all we have to offer. We hope that you enjoy this information, and that will surely be opening you interest, it is just the first step on your life-changing, and rewarding journey with the master program of art creation and research. We invite you to work alongside an internationally respected team of artists and writers. We provide you with a critically creative environment in which you can develop your own practice.

We encourage open and exploratory thinking and will equip you with the confidence, experience and skills needed to play an effective role on the international stage as professional artist. At our master program of study, you will be on your doorstep-exhibition hall, studios, central library and collections and a huge, inexhaustible number of experiences and other resources.

By choosing us as your study destination, you will get a supportive, creative and inspiring of both performing arts and  fine arts and design experience that will allow you to explore your own practice and develop your career. Throughout this part we hope you will find much to excite your interest. Our program has its own character with world class alumni and outstanding lecturers waiting to meet you.

By joining us you will become part of this international network of artist. The following table will take you to our courses that are available right across our programs of studies.

Obligatory Courses of The Program and Distribution

No Codes Courses Credits/Semester
First Second Third Fourth
1 MPP 811 Philosophy of Science 2
2 MPP 812 Source Language 2
3 MPP 821 Asethetic 2
4 MPP 822 Semiotic 2
5 MPP 823 Creation and Research Seminar 2
6 MPP 831 Art Management 2
7 MPP 832 Information Technology of Arts 2
    Credit Amount 4 6 4
    Total Credit 14


Obligatory Courses of Art Creation

No Codes Courses Credits/Semester
First Second Third Fourth
1 MPC 811 Art Creation Methodology I 2
2 MPC 812 Art Practice I 2
3 MPC 813 Art Creation I 4
4 MPC 821 Art Practice II 2
5 MPC 822 Theory of Art 2
6 MPC 823 Art Creation Methodology II 2
7 MPC 824 Art Creation II 4
8 MPC 831 Art Creation Seminar 2
9 MPC 832 Art Practice III 2
10 MPC 833 Art Creation III 4
11 MPC 841 Final Task Artwork 6
    Credit Amount 8 10 8 6
    Total Credit 32


Obligatory Courses of Art Research

No Codes Courses Credits/Semester
First Second Third Fourth
1 MPJ 811 Research Methodology I 2
2 MPJ 812 Knowledge of Socio-Culture 2
3 MPJ 813 Art Research I 4
4 MPJ 821 Art Critics 2
5 MPJ 822 Theory of Culture 2
6 MPJ 823 Research Methodology II 2
7 MPJ 824 Art Research II 4
8 MPJ 831 Art Research Seminar 2
9 MPJ 832 Statistics 2
10 MPJ 833 Art Research III 4
11 MPJ 841 Thesis Proposal 5
12 MPJ 842 Research Seminar 5
13 MPJ 843 Scientific Artwork (Paper) 8
14 MPJ 844 Thesis/Artwork 12
    Credit Amount 8 10 8 30
    Total Credit 56