The Çiwa Nataraja

The Çiwa Nataraja is a master dance of the Institute, of which is commonly carried out and performed by 9 (nine) female dancers. A dancer embodies and acts as the Lord Śiva, while eight (8) other dancers embody and act as the bright effulgence of the Lord Śiva.

This dance is a compatible fusion between Balinese and several elements of Bharata Natyam dance from India, which have been extracted and reconstructed into its total entirety. Çiwa Nataraja itself is the manifestation of the Lord Śiva Himself, or the personality of Godhead as the Supreme Dancer. Being a god of dance, he constantly moves leading to the rhythm and regularity in the cosmos.

This master dance describes the effulgence of the Lord Śiva as the supreme powers, and then those supreme powers are accumulated into a supreme unity of which causing and creating the creatures in the universe. This master dance is often performed together with the institute Hymn and Mars in several occasions of academic ceremonies. Dance Composer: N.L.N. Swasthi Widjaja, and Music Arr: I Nyoman Windha.